One step forward, two steps back (for cat-kind)

Oh dear. Where do I start? When we moved the Litter Kwitter to the toilet, it became immediately clear that this would have been easier with two toilets in the house.

It’s remarkably easy to forget to put the Litter Kwitter back on the toilet after you’ve done your business, and Zena would just wait until one of us went to the bathroom and set the Litter Kwitter on the floor to do her business. For about 5 days straight, she didn’t even try to use it when it was on the toilet, and yet she had this uncanny ability to magically appear for a tinkle every time it was set on the floor, even for just a few minutes.

My fiance and I upped our game and did a better job of keeping the Litter Kwitter on the toilet after every use, and eventually Zena finally tried to poop on the Litter Kwitter when it was on the toilet. I have to give her points for trying, because she was doing so well up until that point, and she probably thinks I’m insane for messing with her litter box in the first place anyways.

Poor thing. She slipped and fell off halfway through doing her business, and most of her poo landed on the floor.  She was pretty terrified of it after that. The next day I bought some duct tape, cut it into strips, and placed them on the edges of the rim to give her more traction next time. Next time never came though. As an aside, we did discover Zena LOVES duct tape, and I made a few toys for her to play with as an attempt to distract her while I finished “decorating” her shitter.

We didn’t want to lose momentum and were optimistic the new gripping would give her enough confidence to try it again, but it didn’t. We started setting the Litter Kwitter on top of the litter storage box in the bathroom instead of the floor when we were using the toilet, and she jumped on top of it with ease. The little stinker! She’s not afraid of jumping up on it regardless of where we put it, but she won’t actually use it.

For the last week, she’s managed to keep all her accidents in the bathroom, but she’s refused to use the Litter Kwitter since the traumatizing experience of slipping while pooping. I feel bad laughing, but it was really funny. Poor baby.

To encourage her to get on the Litter Kwitter more, I bought some fancy treats that I hold above the Litter Kwitter while it’s on the toilet, and I move my hand to the far side to make her walk on it and find her footing to reach the treat. After a few days of “playing” in the bathroom, she now seems at ease walking on the Litter Kwitter, but she still won’t go in it.

Today I decided to back up to the previous step and leave the Litter Kwitter on the floor next to the toilet again so she’ll start using it instead of the floor at least. After she hasn’t had any accidents for a few days, I’ll try putting it up on the toilet again.

In the meantime, after each accident, I don’t yell at her or say anything at all. I just clean up the mess and ignore her completely for at least an hour. No loves, no pets, and no snuggles. It’s awful, but hopefully she’ll get the hint that pooping on the floor means no play time.

At this point I’m genuinely confused. I’m not sure that she fully understands we want her to use the Litter Kwitter on the toilet. She isn’t going to the bathroom on our clothes, in the closet, on the bed, or anything that would indicate she’s mad at us, and that makes me think she’s just confused.

Other times though, she’ll scratch in the Litter Kwitter like she knows it’s a place to go and then promptly jumps on the ground and poos on the floor. That makes me wonder if she’s just refusing to comply with my request.

I posted a few pleas for help on the Litter Kwitter forum and Facebook page, but I haven’t had any responses yet. I’m slightly discouraged, but still optimistic. Wish us luck!!

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