If I were a road, where would I lead, and why?

I would lead to wonder. I’d guide folks to the unimaginable, miraculous, and powerful. The heart-warming, tear-jerking, and exhilarating. I would deliver and awe-struck experience to my fellow travelers and friends. I’ve heard people assume greatness was fakeness for many years, and there’s always this spark inside of me that says they’re wrong, at least potentially, because they weren’t willing to investigate the magical. As a little girl, I always wanted to be a witch, medicine woman, magician, and a faerie, especially a faerie. I love the fantastical and mystical worlds of wonder only found in books and my imagination–and Fern Gully.

I’ve always been fascinated by the deep abyss of our oceans, and I’ve imagined all sorts of wonderful creatures that must surely be living in the depths, beyond the reach of human’s touch. I have a newfound fascination with space too. Imagine all the other inhabited planets across the universe. We can’t be the only planet with living, thinking creatures. I wonder what they’re like, what they think, who they are. I wonder what magical things they have discovered or even created. Do they have dragons? Throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to dragons, owls, and cats. They’re such magnificent creatures with different lessons to teach us. We may have “made up” dragons, but they exist in stories, legends, and our imaginations, and that’s real enough for me.

Why would I lead to wonder? So many reasons! All living creatures experience joy, excitement, love, fear, pain, and so much more. During my life, I’ve been attracted to the light of wonder during my darkest hours, and it gave me inspiration and hope. When my mom left, I wandered in the woods with my little brother and went on adventures concocting potions for the animals, sometimes even in our grandmother’s bird baths, which always came with a strict talking-to. I hope they never actually ate them. I’m pretty sure all those red berries are poisonous.

When I was a teenager, I struggled with depression, but I didn’t really tell anyone. I felt like I had to be strong, and asking for help would mean I’d have to share my darkest secrets about why I was depressed, and I was in denial about it, so that didn’t really work. Instead, I delved into the wondrous world of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, and I obsessively watched Practical Magic and Ever After. I also started reading philosophy at a young age as an attempt to find the answers to happiness, explain why bad things happen to good people, and negotiate my beliefs of God, Heaven and Hell.

When I got to college, I was blessed to land myself in a classical studies program that continued my education on philosophy and helped me develop critical thinking skills. I fell in love with Plato and confirmed my lack of passion for Shakespeare, but more than that–I began to dig deep introspectively and share my soul with those around me for what felt like the first time. I started to gain true confidence in myself, I embraced the bitch within, and although I may have gone a bit overboard, I really opened my mind to the possibilities of my secret fantasies becoming reality. I decided my message is worth sharing, my purpose is to inspire and protect, and there are still remarkable mysteries to be discovered and shared around the world.

I might not be an expert scuba diver, in fact, I’m quite possibly one of the worst scuba students ever, and I might not be discovering the next fantastical sea creature, but I have unique talents yet to be discovered too. My greatest art, talent, or whatever is hard to describe at best, but I’ll try. I’m like a connector cog, and I run through life inspired, listening and watching. My subconscious is filing everything away, and then all of sudden, an unusual, special connection is made, and an idea pops in my head and just feels right. I’m a people connector, project connector, and idea inspirer. (That’s a new word I just created too!) Some people call it intuition, others call it a gut feeling, but whatever you call it, I’ve got it! I’m learning how to listen more closely and not force opportunities that “should” work, but everyone has room to grow.

My passions involve the “loves” and ‘warm-fuzzies” and working hard to ensure there are more positive, feel-good moments in everyone’s lives. My passion is helping people, animals, and learning more about communication between the two. I think the key to communicating well with animals is the same with people, and drawing the connection between the two helps unveil the spiritual connection we have with each other and other animals on the planet. The spark of wonder helps show the subconscious mind that resistance is silly, and eventually the left brain will let it go. When we’re connected on the spiritual level, we’re more loving, productive, and wise.


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