:: Caution!!! This post was written while … slightly intoxicated. ::

It’s funny how your mind expands and welcomes wilder, more daring imaginations when you’ve been drinking. It’s weird how your perspective changes to become much more accommodating, hospitable, and kind when you’ve been drinking. Alcoholism is horrible, offensive, and destructive, and I’m not condoning alcoholism at all.

However, I am appreciating the remarkable optimism and inspirational traits of imbibing on occasion with friends and family to tap into wisdom that oftentimes can be appreciated by folks who are…well..shit-faced.

If you’re being honest with yourself, you’ve probably experienced a moment when **while being drunk** that you felt, “super connected” to life, God, the universe, the meaning of life, a memory, an idea, or even (let’s be real–ESPECIALLY) your cat.

Take yourself back and remember how it felt to be whole, totally invigorated, and even inspired.

Ahhhhh. That glorious moment that, well frankly “felt real,” but really only resulted in a massive, dreadful hangover the following day, followed by drama and God knows what else.

I truly believe these moments are chances. Sparks if you will. These sparks remind the mind that life can be greater. Life can be inspired on a daily basis. We don’t have to use and abuse: drugs, alcohol, incongruent relationships, food, love, power, pain, or even lust–to attain that feeling of oneness or wholeness. We can choose to see life and approach it with wonder and enthusiasm.

The thing about being human (except if your Indian or Ancient Greek of course, for my friends who may believe in reincarnation) is that you’re limited to experiencing this life–this one life. That’s all you get.

When you take a step back from the daily inundations of minute deadlines, taxes to pay, rules to follow, and various other nitty gritty details, you gain perspective that drives you to greater meaning. If you never have a chance to take a breath from daily life, you never have a chance at gaining true perspective. That’s why the Ancient Greek authors wrote about the privilege of leisure. It’s not because wealthy folks likes to be lazy–it’s because it meant they had fulfilled Maslov’s hierarchy of basic needs and had the opportunity to think introspectively, because in their free time, they found their own personal meaning in life, even if only a glimpse.

If you believe you understand the world and how you fit into it, I caution you greatly. Every historic, wholesome, healthy mind has embraced humility. It is a lesson worth revisiting daily, and it’s the reason behind all the inspirational and self-help guides and programs that proclaim living a positive life requires experiencing gratitude daily.

You should always been seeking the better way, the more graceful method, the most efficient path, the most kind response, the most practical application, and the most loving answer. You just should.

If you must know why– then begin your introspection process. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge your faults, acknowledge your strengths, learn to forgive yourself for your weaknesses, learn to praise yourself for your triumphs, and ultimately, be honest. Be honest with yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, and even strangers. Learn how to be kind and honest at the same time. Learn how to share your wisdom without being superior or judgmental. Learn how to trust in yourself, trust in your gut, and listen to your intuitions.

Even if “karma” and “God’s Plan” don’t work, you must know that you are not the greatest being on earth or even in this universe. You must know that you do not know all and can truly learn from another. You must know that life is simple, but complicated, and there isn’t always the “right answer,” but you are still expected to do the best you can with the resources you have in the circumstance you find yourself in; and if you do those things, you will know you have done your best, you will have led by example, you will have learned more than you knew before, and you’re better prepared for the next level that life will be throwing you way. Even moreso, you know you are closer to becoming your most excellent, best self, and that’s all you can hope for in life.

As you get closer and closer to becoming your best self (which never ends until your last breath,) you gain greater joy in each moment of every day. It’s impossible, immeasurable, but true. It also means life will continue to throw more challenging and tumultuous situations your way, and you can either choose to take them as they come or you can give up and hang out in the status quo. Life might remain great, but deep down, you know it could be greater. If you stop fighting for what’s right and living the way life’s meant to be lived, you’re shorting yourself of the greatest joys in life. It’s not about being selfless to serve others, it’s about learning to serve yourself through others. You gain much greater joy when serving others than through serving yourself, and that’s why the World’s Riches wouldn’t satisfy even one person. Humanity is married to humility, and until you give of yourself for another, you never experience true joy.

Just the ramblings of a drunky..

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