About Elissa’s Ink

I am a writer because I am a thinker.

Elissa Meisenheimer

This is how I express myself and process new ideas and inspirations.

This blog will serve as my blackboard of ideas for writing and speaking projects. Some of these works are as old, while others are only days old. Because of the variance of time periods, there are some pretty shocking pieces, all of which I hope you will enjoy.

Any suggestions? I’m open to any and all improvements. Email me at Contact@ElissasInk.com or just drop a comment.

2 thoughts on “About Elissa’s Ink

  1. Dearest Elissa-belle,

    It has been years since we last talked. I’m glad to see you are not dying your hair and I’m wondering, hoping that you’ve stayed away from the tatoo needle ink as we’d discussed. You are naturally too pretty to add any flaws to your skin for life. And those of your generation doing otherwise will regret it. Stay above the crowd and think those original thoughts. Be a leader, not a follower. End of sermon.

    Seems like you are really thinking, writing, growing, debating, still in college – senior this year? Best of luck and phone me if/when you’d like to chat.

    I stay connected to your father long distance. I’ll be traveling next week by car through several states including texacuss – maybe I’ll run off the major thoroughfare and stop by your Pop’s place? Just thinkin’ out loud with a view over the frozen ground and river front today.

    Uncle Mark

  2. Very lovely poetry – I came across your site quite by accident, looking for something else altogether – but I was very moved. You are really talented! Have you been published?

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