Cork Oak Description Entry

Technical Description: Scientific Name: Quercus suber Common Name: Cork Oak Family Name: Fagaceae (Beech or Oak) Genus: Quercus Similar Species: Interior Live Oak Native Location: Europe and Northern Africa Campus Location: Between Mitty Hall and Café Louis Etymology: “quercus” simply meaning “oak” and “suber” meaning “cork” As it is well-known, there are many different species … Continue reading Cork Oak Description Entry

Archimedes, On Floating Bodies

Academy of Geometry and Mechanics Two of Archimedes’ “On Floating Bodies” propositions seem to almost entirely explain how the stasis of water works in correlation to displacement and density of objects. These two propositions are Proposition 6 which concerns things lighter or less dense than water and proposition 7 which concerns things heavier or denser … Continue reading Archimedes, On Floating Bodies

Universal Circular Motion of the Universe (needs revising)

Reason Earth The complicated interpretations of the movements, or lack thereof, for Earth and the Heavens are explained by both Ptolemy and Copernicus. Many of their theories overlap, while the basis for many of their theories contradicts the other one. Though there are many areas in which they differ, this paper will address a few … Continue reading Universal Circular Motion of the Universe (needs revising)