John, my poetic translation (Logos)

According to John (2)God announced the beginning of time with a command. (1)This command was the message of God, spoken by God, known only to God. (3)He created all things in existence and nothing has ever existed without his power. (4)In him was the breath of life. (4,5)His breath of life was the hope for … Continue reading John, my poetic translation (Logos)


John, My literal translation (Logos)

According to John (1)In the beginning there was the Word, and the word was in the presence of God and God was the Word. (2) The word was at the beginning in the presence of God. (3) All things came to be through him, and separate from him not even one thing that has come … Continue reading John, My literal translation (Logos)

Greek to English, John (Bible)

According to John When translating Greek, changing Greek words into English words is simply the process of looking up Greek words and seeing what the lexicon says they can mean, then dissecting those same words to discover in what way they are being used. Though a slow and tedious process, there is a formula to … Continue reading Greek to English, John (Bible)