Transitioning to the red tray

Here we are at the next stage of Zena's potty training! So far, we've given her about two weeks with the flushable litter. I don't know if it was really necessary, because she didn't even really seem to notice the new litter and has continued to use the litter box with ease. I like to … Continue reading Transitioning to the red tray


Zena’s Toilet Training

I actually like cleaning out the litter box, said no one, EVER. We love our cats, but when it comes to cleaning litter boxes, there never seem to be enough eager volunteers. Shocking, I know. In the beginning, when we first rescued an orphan kitten we named Zena, I did actually finding it satisfying to … Continue reading Zena’s Toilet Training


Pets mean the world to us, especially to those of us who haven't tackled that whole having children thing yet. That's why it's so astonishing to see self-proclaimed pet lovers hurt their animals. Fortunately, most forms of animal abuse and neglect can be avoided with a little education and a willingness to be inconvenienced from … Continue reading Aminals